Self-Managed Super Funds

Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs) are an often overlooked and misunderstood investment vehicle. In many cases your Self Managed Super Fund will be your BEST investment vehicle. When you combine the tax savings, asset protection and investment flexibility that SMSFs provide - for a long term investment structure, they are hard to beat.  
An SMSF is your own personal superannuation fund where YOU, not the fund manager, have complete control over how, where and when your funds are invested. SMSFs are not just for the wealthy. Anyone who wants to take more control over their retirement should further investigate using an SMSF.
There is no minimum amount required to start your SMSF. More and more people are taking control over their future through the use of a SMSF. Using a SMSF has many benefits including:
Superior Returns: Recent surveys have shown that, on average SMSFs outperform managed super funds.
Control: You are in complete control. You decide where, when and how much is invested.
Low Taxation: SMSFs currently receive large tax concessions, paying only 15% flat tax rate.
Protection: Your SMSF can be protected from bankruptcy and other legal claims.

Succession Planning

An SMSF allows you to conveniently and legally pass a members super benefit to their beneficiaries in the event of the member's death.  This can keep your SMSF assets under the same SMSF tax advantaged umbrella, even after a member's death.

What are the requirements to establish a SMSF?

To establish an SMSF, the fund must meet the following conditions:
  • Have a maximum of 4 members
  • Each member of the fund must also be a trustee of the fund
  • Each individual trustee must also be a member of the fund
  • No trustee of the fund can receive remuneration for their services as a trustee
  • No fund member can be an employee of another fund member, unless they are related.
  • Employer Contributions